About Oxford Weather.com

We monitor Oxford’s weather 24 hours a day. We’ve got quite a background in this too, back in 1993 we were the first website to be mentioned in the Sunday Times leader column when we ran the Colchester Weather Page. What was then just a page of automated data collection became an entire site of weather history and live data for Oxford.

We started Oxford Weather.com in the summer of 2009 primarily as a website. As Twitter took off we experimented with hourly summaries of the latest conditions and were surprised at the take up. Our attentions soon changed to feeding the growing hunger for Twitter data and soon were being followed by hundreds of people keen to see the weather change hour by hour. Although focusing on weather monitoring, we threw in a daily forecast and soon found that became an essential start to the day for many people. It’s used by people in Oxford who want to know how the weather around them is changing, it’s used by people on the other side of the world who want to keep in touch with their favourite city (or feel superior to its’ weather !) In fact, we’d love to hear from you why you use the service, you can get in touch via the bottom of this page.

So what was once a web site which them became a Twitter feed, has now moved back to not only delivering it’s historical data via the web but also live conditions too, and now you can find us on Facebook and your smartphone (follow ‘links’ on the left menu).

What’s next ? We’re certainly looking to enhance our weather station to provide much more data, we’re open to suggestions of how you’d like to access the weather for Oxford and in the meantime we’ll go on collecting the data 24 hours of every day so if if it feels much milder now than this time last year – you can actually go back and check (via Weekly Report in the links section on the left. .

About Oxford

Oxford is a beautiful yet vibrant city on the Thames. Its famous university has given the city much of its exceptional architecture and its rich cultural heritage: over 900 buildings are listed as having historic or architectural merit, all located within a square mile. A view along the High Street has been described as one of the most celebrated views in Europe.

Oxford has had a role in educating four British, and at least eight foreign kings, 47 Nobel prize-winners, three Fields medallists, 25 British Prime Ministers, 28 foreign presidents and prime ministers, seven saints, 86 archbishops, 18 cardinals, and one pope. Seven of the last eleven British Prime Ministers have been Oxford graduates. Amongst the University's old members are many widely influential scientists, artists and other prominent figures.